Recommended Albums


Roberto Dani

Drama is Italian percussionist Roberto Dani's first solo album, containing original compositions and improvisations for his custom-made set of drums, cymbals and percussion. Read

Jumpy Highway

Peter Nordwall, Ralf Nyqvist, Marcus Söderström

Jumpy Highway is Swedish saxophonist Peter Nordwall's debut solo album, released in 2003. This outing consists of a mix between jazz and funk. Most songs are originals by Nordwall, adding John... Read

Moomin Voices - Muumilauluja

Tove Jansson, Mirja Mäkelä, Eeppi Ursin

The 2nd revised edition of the complete collection of Tove Jansson's original Moomin fairy-tale songs. Used as course material at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, this classic... Read

Northern Sunrise

Mika Pohjola, Steve Wilson, Ben Monder

"One of the best" All About Jazz. Northern Sunrise is a deep compositional and improvisational thesis by New York recording veteran, pianist and composer Mika Pohjola. The album covers a... Read

English Breakfast

Mika Pohjola, Chris Cheek

This remarkable live concert with Chris Cheek, Matt Penman and Roberto Dani, under the innovative leadership and compositional resource of pianist Mika Pohjola, was recorded under catastrophic... Read


Terry Clarke

is a Canadian drummer. His natural rhythmic aptitude was obvious from an early age,... learn more

Ben Monder

studied music at Queens College and the University of Miami. After returning to New... learn more

Johanna Grüssner

is from the Åland Islands in Finland. She studied in Sweden before moving to... learn more

Torvald Torén

was one of the most notable Swedish organists of his time. He performed a vast... learn more


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